Love The Trail

'Love The Trail' Film Project

What do you love about the trail?

Do you love trail running, backpacking, mountain biking, climbing/bouldering or canoeing/kayaking?

Have you recently been on an epic adventure and want to share your story?

Do you want to inspire others to explore the incredible natural world around them?

Well, here's your chance:

I'm putting together short film that seeks to capture the beauty of the human spirit enjoying the great outdoors. The aim is to motivate viewers to head out and investigate their own trails, either on foot, bike or by boat.

This is your opportunity to share your adventures and inspire the world - to express why you 'Love The Trail', and help encourage others to find their own path.

Footage to send:

Clips from your adventures taken in the last two years - this might be pans of views, funny shots of friends, camping songs, crazy downhill MTB rides, day walks with your dog, serene dawn canoe trips, paddleboarding around an island, or conquering a new rock face - anything that captures the spirit of the outdoors

A 30 second clip where you explain to the camera exactly why you love spending time on the trail - what does time outside mean to you?

Start your sentance with: 'I love the trail because...'

Keep it simple!

Backpacking   Mountain Biking   Canoeing   Trail Running   Mountaineering   Hiking   Kayaking   Climbing   Paddleboarding   Dogs!   Camping   Bouldering 

Send your footage to:

directly or via

WeTransfer or MailBigFile


 MP4 or .MOV

Each file no bigger than 2GB

Ensure video and audio quality are as high as possible

Please include your full name, country of residence, location and date of footage taken, and a statement delcaring you are happy for your files to be used in the film.

All contributors will have their full name in the credits of the finished film.

© 2019 by Abbie Barnes | Song Thrush Productions. All rights included.

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