"To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all."

~Oscar Wilde~

Give me a backpack and the open trail, and I am happy - that's a fact.


There is something incredibly gratifying about carrying everything you need on your back, walking from sunrise to sunset, meeting other passionate hikers, and spending every moment of every day exposed to the elements, immersed in the natural environment. Having twice walked across the country, and explored some of the highest, most remote regions in the UK, I have become eager to share the hidden beauty of our countryside and wilderness areas. Thus I have made it my mission to inspire others to don their walking boots, head outdoors, and explore our many extraordinary natural wonders. 

The Challenge:

I have set myself the goal of walking all of the UK's designated National Trails - that's 15 routes, and over 2500 miles (4000km).


National Trails are long distance footpaths and bridleways that pass through the most spectacular landscapes in England and Wales. They encompass archaeological and historical monuments, geographical and geological spectacles, snow-peaked mountains, damp forests, undulating coasts, and wind-swept moors. 


My aim is to produce a documentary-style film on each of the trails, exploring exactly what it is that makes each route so unique, in hope that I can install a curiosity in my viewers to witness such landscapes for themselves. I will be inviting my audience to join me on a personal journey, observing my struggles and raw emotions as I travel self-sufficent through the English countryside, meeting local residents and other walkers along the way. 


My core goal is to insure the protection of our native scenery for centuries to come, and this will be guaranteed if we recognise and appreciate how it forms an integral part of our existence.


The 15 National Trails are:

Cleveland Way (110 miles)

Cotswold Way (100 miles)

England Coastal Path (2795 miles) - Opens in 2020

Glyndwr's Way (135 miles)

Hadrian's Wall Path (84 miles) ~ Completed July 2014

North Downs Way (153 miles)

Offa's Dyke Path (177 miles)

Peddars Way/Norfolk Coast Path (93 miles)

Pembrokeshire Coast Path (186 miles)

Pennine Bridleway (205 miles) ~ Not on personal list

Pennine Way (268 miles)

South Downs Way (100 miles)

South West Coast Path (630 miles) ~ Completed April 2013

Thames Path (184 miles)

The Ridgeway (87 miles) - Completed May 2016

Yorkshire Wolds Way (79 miles) - Completed April 2016

The films produced for each trail can be found on my YouTube page - be sure to give them a 'like' and 'share'!

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