Thank you to all of our amazing Patreons who support the mission of

Spend More Time In The WILD!

Leah Standford

Matt & Taysia Malone

Glad to support. England’s abundance of walking trails make it easy to stay wild. 

Phil Lovell

Paul Maloney

Katrin Kuhnert

Ann Griffin

Spending More Time in the Wild is even more fun with pets!! Thank you, Abbie, for the inspiration!

Frank Shrimpton

Nick & Sarah Womack

Cheryl Conrad

Marcus Busch

Phillipp Siewert

Into the wild I go, to lost my mind and find my soul.

Flemming Christiansen

Sue Brown

I love taking daily walks with my Golden Retriever and going on 8 to 10 mile walks with friends - mostly in Northumberland and Yorkshire. I've done a lot of fell-walking in the Lake District, and have a huge appreciation of our beautiful countryside.

Steve Brownlee

6 months ago I came across a Lake District day walk film made by Abbie Barnes which made me realise I hadn't been near a fell for 2 years, in fact I had stopped participating in all the outdoor activities I enjoyed. My work/life balance had become unbalanced, mental health issues can take many forms, I was never in a dark place, but I did have an illness and it's thanks to Spend More Time In The Wild, Abbie and everyone who supports the project that I was able to recognize I needed help.

The Bóinn Family

“An early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.” -Henry David Thoreau

Karl Stewart

"Go where you feel most alive" spend more time in the wild!!

Mark Hodges

I guess I would call myself a lifelong walker. I live on the prairie in Illinois but spend a large part of the year in the forests and sand dune country of Michigan

Jason R Glare

Guy James

Patrick Moore

Tim Newton

Nancy Oosterhof

I love the outdoors a lot and especially when I feel stressed, or anxious, it's the place I go to to clear my mind. I live close to the water and also the woods and count myself lucky I do. When I leave my house, it's only a few steps until I've escaped the city life and entered the peace and quiet.

Robert Brown

Daniel Jackson

Rory Warlow

Jasmin McMillan

Julian Harvey

Gary and Missy Batchelor

Ian Cooper

The mountains are where I go to breathe. Having had mental health issues my entire life, I discovered that all I needed to do to feel truly calm and in control was to put on a pair of boots and hike like my life depended on it. Thank you Abbie for your inspiration and passion in this project. 

Lyle Watson


Lindsay Shaw

 Alexis Wysocki 

Gavin Muir

Neil Appleton

Mark Udle

Life can be challenging and rewarding at the best of times inspire others and let others inspire you, together we will thrive.

Wendy and Shaun McKenna

‘And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good.’
Genesis 1:31

Amanda Dudgon

Proud as punch to support the amazing work you do Abbie! As a park ranger I live and breath the ethos of spend more time in the wild. I can't thank enough people like Abbie and her Patreons for what they all do to support our parks and natural places. Our health, in all its forms, depends on the health of our amazing, beautiful and mind blowing natural world. If we all Spend More Time In The WILD and encourage others to do so just imagine the world we can create. 

Klaus Sauer ~ Justin Elliott ~ Kelly Lyndon ~ Suzy Venuta ~ Zarniwoop B ~ Juliette Buchanan ~ Evelien Schillern ~ Michael Malloy ~ David Lay-Flurrie ~  Peter Doel ~ Alan Loughran ~ Jenna Young ~ Mark Williams ~ Adam Johnstone ~ Michaela Duffield ~ Rick Gebauer ~ Ash Bali ~ Neil Appleton ~ Rachel Bickley ~  John Patrick ~ Ceelly ~ Ceri Evangelidis ~ Serena Hayes ~ Catherine Atchison-Nedellec ~ Martin Bennett ~ Bee Woodland ~ Fascination Street with Jimmy and Mika Pearson ~ Karen Hatton ~ Steven Taylor ~ David Barfoot ~ Sue Marx ~ Justin Earl ~ Adam Tierney-Eliot ~ Tabitha Burridge-MacDonald ~ Julie Heweson ~ Russell McWilliams ~ Alison Inglis ~ David Barnes ~ Warren Gilson ~ Adam Patek ~ Amber Sauer ~ Jason Postlethwaite ~ Paul de Baene ~ Kevin Langston ~ Bam Desabelle ~ Nicki ~ Paul Aplin ~ Patrick Jeffery ~ Arno van Leest ~ Nigel Bridgeman ~ Trystan Francis ~ Martyne Hook ~ Lyle Watson ~ Alex Munro ~ Lynn St. Aubin ~ Daniel Trahar ~ Bernhard ~ Jasmin McMillan ~ Wendy McKenna ~ Peter Kuchenbecker ~ Cynthia Streefkerk ~ Vera Nadine Bóinn ~ Trish McKenzie ~ Khareena Patterson ~ Gary Baker ~ Bam Desabelle ~ Karl Stewart ~ Chris Burridge-Barney ~ Forest Frost ~ Sabrina Benoit ~ Christopher W Cureton ~ Tim Wingfield ~ Cheri White ~ Maria Fieldhouse ~ Steve Wallbank ~ Erica La Spada  ~ Treklinda ~ Alexis Chase ~ Barb Millar ~ Thomas Storey ~ Anamaria

Thank you again to all of our amazing Patreons who support the mission of

Spend More Time In The WILD!

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